Before the announcement that Mr. Ringo Starr would be inducted into The Rock & Roll HOF, as an Award Of Excellence recipient (is he a HOH inductee?), Paul “Macca, Sir Paul, Public Paul,” etc..,,, phoned his former bandmate and drummer, to bestow the good news.  Macca made sure to visit Jimmy Fallon, to talk about the good news



“I was talking to a friend and he said ‘Brian Epstein is getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.’ I said ‘That’s great, because he’s the Beatles manager,'” McCartney told Fallon. “He says, ‘Yeah, but Ringo’s not in yet.’ I said, ‘Whoa. Wait a minute. We can’t have that…’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you got to put Ringo in. He’s very famous.”  And away we go!  Suddenly a way was found to put Ringo in!  But is he really in?

Macca said his favorite Ringo cuts are: are “Back Off Boogaloo” and “It Don’t Come Easy.” Fallon then shared his spot-on Beatles impressions.

Maybe The Grammys can develop a special where today’s artists could announce and sing their favorite Ringo songs.  Justin Bieber could do “Only You,” “Jay Z and Beyoncé, might do “No No Song,”  Nicki Minaj could do “Snookeroo.”  Wow! Oh Boy!

Ringo, when asked if he would accept, replied: “Sure Man!”  Starr did not know that George and John were in as solo acts.  We all know that Macca must be in.


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