Team president  BIG MOUTH Randy Levine,  seconded what GM Genius  Cashman earlier this week, said Thursday it’s highly unlikely the free-agent pitcher will be in pinstripes next season.

“I can’t talk about any specific players. I’m not allowed to. And I won’t. The market is going on. As I said, as (Cashman) has said, if you look at the construct of our roster, I think (Masahiro) Tanaka is an ace, CC Sabathia hopefully comes back, we get (Ivan) Nova back pretty soon,” Levine said. . . .

“You have to build around that. So the chances of us bringing in another guy who makes $25 million or over are, to my opinion, virtually none.”

What The Yankees have is broken down CC Sabathia and an unknown in Misahiro Tanaka.   They also have Michael Pineda and some fill-ins, Phelps and Warren.

“We have a lot of good, young pitching coming.  Oh really, Randy, besides Louis Severino, name a few.  Silence.  That’s what I thought.   I leave that to my general manager who does a good job,” Levine said during an announcement of the YES Network and WFAN becoming the exclusive TV and radio homes, respectively, for the New York City Football Club.  Yet you and your lunatic owner expect fans to pay high ticket prices.  Cut the ticket prices, because you offer a poor product, this year and The Yankees, right now, are looking at fourth place.

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