With each passing day and Yankee move, it appears that the club  is preparing to send A-Roid on his way.  The  Headley signing for four years, made Slime-Rod a man without a position and the pick-up of  slugger Garrett Jones, takes away Cheat-Rod’s time at DH.  The Yankees know Silme-Ball is done.  He could not catch up with a good fastball, before he was suspended.
The Yankees were losing patience with Slime-Rod when he pulled that nonsense with the two women, during The Playoffs.  If Loser-Rod is hitting .220 with a homer and 10 RBI in the middle of May, the real plan is to hand him his walking papers by Memorial Day and eat the remaining $60 million or so on his contract which runs through 2017. A sure bet  is that Slime-Rod will never play through the rest of that pact.
There is no love lost between GM Brian Cashman and A-Rod with manager Joe Girardi seemingly his only ally in the organization. So, if A-Rod’s bat is slow and he’s striking out a lot against young flamethrowers, the Yanks can say to their fans “Hey, we gave him a shot but it just didn’t work out”. Slime-ball’s  leash will not be a long one and most of their fans will not be sad to see him go.  The Mariner’s could sign A-Roid for the minimum and give him a shot.
The same fate could be in store for starter C.C. Sabathia as well if he cannot recover from chronic knee problems.

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