usa-today-8098246_0  Nathan Eovaldi

Eovaldi, the 24 year old fireballer, was selected in the 11th round by The Dodgers  in 2008.  The Marlins got Eovaldi in The Hanley Ramirez trade.  Next year will be Eovaldi’s 5th year in the majors.  Eovaldi has a 4.04 lifetime E.R.A. with a 15-35 lifetime record.  Last season Nate made 33 starts, his career high.  Eovaldi finished the season with q 4.37 E.R.A.  He struck out

142 batters in 199.2 innings.  He average 1.9 walks pre nine innings.  He gave up 0.62 Hrs per nine innings>  But Eovaldi 223 hits in the 199.2, which lead the majors.  He had a better 2013 than 2014.  Time will tell.  But just remember Genius Cashman’s history when it comes to pitchers that he trades for.  Need I list them?  Carl “pussy” Pavano, Javier Vazquez,


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