tHE DAY AFTER Christmas, December 26, 1919, The Red Sox owners gave The Yankees a belated Christmas present, The Sultan Of Swat.  untitled  For just 25,000.00, The Yankees got Ruth.  Ruth had hit .322 with 113 runs scored, 29 Hrs and 113 RBIs for The sox.  In his first season with The Bombers, Ruth hit just .376 with 54 Hrs and 135 RBIs.  He was certainly no Mark Texiera!

On Dec. 26, 1919, Yankees fans got a late Christmas present: Babe Ruth. The price? Just $25,000. Oh, and no small detail: the “American League Base Ball Club of New York” paid that to the Boston American League Base Ball Club” in cash, as noted in ink near the bottom of the contract you see above.

Of course, the Red Sox had an idea of what they were giving up in Ruth, who the season before hit 29 homers and drove in 113 runs with a .322 batting average at the age of 24. But The Bambino turned it up several notches after that. In the next season, Ruth hit 54 homers and drove in 135 runs while hitting .376.


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