untitled Billy Boy is not pleased with

images with Woodhead’s comment duting his morning Press Conference.  Whaen ask about Darrell Reavis  in reference to how Reavis would have helped The Jet’s non-existent secondary, Woody replied ”

“Darrell is a great player and if I had thought I could have gotten Darrell for that, I probably would have taken him back. It was was our best judgment to do what we did. But Darrelle’s a great player,” Johnson said.

“I’d love Darrelle to come back.”

A question for Woody, just how wide did you have to open your mouth to

untitled to fit your foot in?  Reavis is under contract for one more year to The Patriots.  You know them Woody, the team that always beats The SOJ, SAME OLD JETS OUT in your division.


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