The Braves have insinuated that they won’t stand for any more inconsistent AB’s by good ole B.J.  The Braves are thinking over platooning Zoilo Almonte (ex-Yankee bust) and Todd Cunningham in Upton’s place.  A Brave mentioned that he would be up to the platoon and less likely to put a bullet through his television screen.  Why all the hoop-la, this is what B.J. is, an underachieving stiff!

I’d be up for that. Heck, Almonte’s career line of .211/.242/.282 in 149 plate appearances is only a tick below what Upton has done over his past two full seasons. And he has the added benefit of not being B.J. Upton, meaning that I’m way less likely to pull out a .38 and shoot my television when he comes on the screen. So really, it is an improvement.


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