Audra Danilorf had a very rough 2013.  She spent more than sixty days in a hospital, recovering from a rare disease.  Audra’s Dad came up with a plan to cheer his daughter up.  Marc Danilorf, a business coach, enlisted police in Saukville Wisconsin to pull over 17 year old Audra to present her with two tickets for her favorite band.  Thanks to a camera worn by one of the officers, Marc got to see his daughter’s reaction.

Dad Enlists Cops to Give Daughter Tickets –  to a ConcertPhoto: YouTube

Many got to see Audra’s reaction, as it was posted on You Tube.   When pulling her over the officer Bredin Depies  said…”I got some good news, and I got some bad news for you, OK?” police officer Brendin Depies announces to the teen on the video, filmed Nov. 21. “The bad news, first, is I am giving you two tickets, all right? The good news is, they’re probably not the tickets you expect me to give you, OK? One is a ticket to New York — an airplane ticket — and the other ticket is to [see] a band called Timeflies. I talked to your dad, and that’s from your dad.”

A really nice story!



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