The Yankees top five pitchers presently for the 2015 season are:  Misahiro Tanake; Michael Pineda; CC Sabathia; Nathan Eovaldi and Chris Capuano.  Does not bring joy or confidence, Yankees’ fans.  I totally understand!  Even worse, what will the Yankees do if and when (when more likely, because it is the “nature of the beast,) pitchers go down.

Here are some options:

untitled Manny Banuelos

Banuelos, 23, is returning from Tommy John surgery.  Banuelos has pitched 76 innings throughout The Yankees farm system.  Not likely enough to be brought up to the majors.  Banuelos only pitched 15 innings in AAA Scranton.  Thus, he needs more time in the minors.

images7LB5UT0T Jose DePaula

DePaula, 26, has had a small taste of the majors with The Padres in 20017-08.  That is six years ago.  Depaula, acquired as a minor league free agent from The Giants, pitched only a few innings last year in AAA ball.  DePaula, has a low 90s fastball that he can get up to 95mph, at times. His fastball has sinking action.  His curve is his second strongest pitch and he has an option left.  Good as a pickup by Cashman, but not at this time, ready for the majors.

untitled Domingo German, 21, has not pitched above single A.  He is reported as a swing-man, starter/reliever.  Reports are that German “short-arms” the ball.

images He needs some


untitled Bryan Mitchell, 23, pitcher slightly over 41 innings for AAA Scranton in 2014.  Mitchell can get his fastball up to the high 90’s and a “big” curve.  He is working on his changeup.  Contril, is Mitchell’s big issue, but improving.  Bring him to camp, this Spring.

images Chase Whitley, 24, can be summed up as “what you see is what you get!”  Kind of a Chris Capuano “type.”  You hope he can keep you in a ballgame.  I am trying hard not to use the word that rhymes with Whitley.

People tend to disagree with me regarding untitled Genius Cashman.  But “proos is in the pudding!”


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