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Is Mike Piazza, a HALL OF FAMER?  Since Piazza was on the ballot for the first time in 2013, he did not get in.  Unfortunately for Piazza, he has been linked with PED’s.  There is not ultimate proof and Piazza is being judged by the time in which he played.

Piazza’s history.  Mike won the Rookie Of The Year in 1993.  He has made The All Star team, twelve times.  Piazza finished in the top 10 for MVP balloting ten times.  Mike finished in 2nd place in both 1996 and 1997.  He has slugged  427 homers as a catcher  and  1335 RBI’s, (not all as a catcher.)  Piazza batted .308 lifetime.  Pretty impressive and stats which when comparing Piazza as a catcher, to others, is a very positive endorsement for the Hall.  Piazza was a poor defensive catcher, but called a good game.  Many members of the Hall Of Fame got in due to their offensive numbers and if not for the alluding to steroids in Piazza’s cas, he would have been a first ballot HOF in 2013.




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