untitled  PEDRO MARTINEZ  WINS: 219 LOSES: 110 E.R.A. 2.93.  Pedro dominated in the Steroid ERA.  He was a major Big Game pitcher.

untitled RANDY JOHNSON  WINS: 303 LOSES: 166 E.R.A. 3.29 STRIKEOUS: 4875.  Randy was a dominating lefty for much of his 26 year career.

untitled JOHN SMOLTZ  WINS: 213 LOSES: 155 and 154 SAVES.  Smoltz went both ways.  He was dominating as a Starter and reliever.

imagesYDQMV4JS CRAIG BIGGIO Average .281 668 doubles 291 Hrs 1174 RBIs  3060 Hits.  A Jack Of All Trades.

This is the first time in 60 years that four players have been elected to The Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown.  Congratulations, gentlemen.


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