untitled Edgar Martinez 1997.jpg

Being a Yankee fan, I hate Edgar Martinez.  The sight of him makes me want to retch.  He simply killed The Yankees.  He hit .571 against The Yankees in A League Championship Series (Oh! The Pain!)  He reached base 18 times in 5 games.  Edgar, hit .323 with 22 hrs and 100 RBIs in 130 games.  Finally, he was 11-19 vs. The great

untitled  Having gotten that off my chest and I do feel a lot lighter, I will make a case for Edgar being the first DH in The Hall Of Fame.  First, there are no rumors, innuendos regarding any PED use.  Edgar did what he did, cleanly.  In 18 seasons, Edgar hit .312 with 309 HRs and 1261 RBIs.  Edgar also had 514 doublesslugged .515 and had an OPs of .933.  If there was no DH, I believe The Mariners would have found a position for Edgar.  There are some poor fielders who are in The Hall because of their offense.  Let’s hope Edgar gets his due.  He deserves it.  EDB


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