untitled   It has been written about, tweeted about that the day has come when The Beatles have been rendered irrelevant.  The Day The Beatles Died was with The Release of “Only One” A single by Kanye West featuring Sir Paul McCartney.  Tweets mentioned that they did not know who Paul McCartney is, but He Botta blow up thanks to Kanye.”  First of all, just read this statement.  What language is it in?  Certainly not English and certainly not written by a person with a brain in their head.  I am not defending Paul McCartney.  He will do anything to work and that’s his right.  He would even record with a slug, if he could.  Many have mentioned that he should take it easy.  But Kanye West.  I watched The 2012 Concert for the Hurricane in a theater.  The concert was so good that I stayed in my seat.  That was until Kanye West came on.  This guy is awful and talentless.  One of the problems is that people pay for this Rap shit!  It is not music and it all sounds the same.  I am not talking about the Beatles and Kanye will never rescue Paul, is mindless as he can become.  There are lots of new groups on the cutting edge.  They are in a different stratosphere as Kanye West.    EDB


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