After 16 Big League seasons, John McDonald has called it a career.  Many Baseball fans are probably not familiar with McDonald.  McDonald, aged forty, served as a utility man and the do anything you want, player.  He suited up in eight different uniforms: The Blue Jay, Tigers, Pirates, Indians, Phillies, Diamondbacks, Red Sox and Angels.  Not great at any one component of the game, MCDonald learned competency at several of them.  McDoanld played every position, with the exception of catcher and first base.  He pitched for the Phillies in 2013.

Difficult to do, but McDoanld was actually traded for himself in a deal in 2005, in a one way deal involving The Tigers and Blue Jays.  McDonald was traded to The Tigers in a conditional deal where compensation was to come months later.  The Tigers sent cash to The Jays.  In the same year, the two sides madcompleted the deal when cash was sent to The Jays.  The Jays later used the cash to buy McDoanld back.  An interesting career.


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