untitled The Mets could have obtained Ian Desmond in a trade, but weaseled out!

It is time for Wilmer Flores to start at short for The Metsies, since season.  A move that will no doubt fizzle in the Wilpon’s and Met’s fans faces.

Reports state that the Mets are still looking for alternatives.  Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!  This is what the Mets do.  They leak reports to make it look like they are attempting to do something.  The Wilpons are about recouping their loses and not attempting to build a winner.  If it happens despite their feeble leadership, fine!

The Mets were involved as part of a three team trade, where they would have acquired Ian Desmond, through Tampa and Ben Zobrist and Yunel would have gone to The Nationals.  Tapma would have gotten some of The Met’s young pitchers.

The Mets thought that the asking price was too high.  It would have been Noah Syndergaard and a pair of pitching prospects.  Desmond will be a free agent after the season and the Mets are not the team to ask for permission to sign Desmond and then  ask the trade.

Dillon Gee is reported on the trade block.  But that’s probably more Met’s rhetoric.



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