We all know that one of The Yankee’s largest problems the past two years, has been players inability to take advantage of defensive shifts.  The Yankees’ new hitting coach will focus and attempt to sell the idea of “going the other way.”  The main culprits were Mark Texiera and Brain McCann.  To my eyes (and I watched almost every game,) McCann made an attempt to go the other way.  Carlos Beltran was more of a problem.  If yuou read this blog, you know my thoughts on Mark Texierra.  I Wish Pentland luck selling his philosophies to Texierra.  Texierra is not a bright Baseball player and that is an understatement.  He has a defeatist attitude.

One of the reasons the Yankees’ offense struggled a year ago was the inability of some key players to adjust to defensive shifts, especially Mark Teixeira and Brian McCann.

Ragarding the shift, Pentkland said “We’ll talk about it.”  The player has to buy in.   “The player has to buy in. The shift becomes almost a mental block sometimes. And it’s not only the Yankees. It’s a lot of teams that are going through the same situation.”

It will be up to Pentland and new assistant hitting coach Alan Cockrell to get the Yankees to adjust.

“You can’t completely change players, but we can certainly talk and work on making them understand that sometimes you’ve got to think more in the middle of the diamond than so much pull,” said Pentland, who acknowledged that it can sometimes be difficult for veteran hitters who have had success to make those alterations. “Do you change them or do you let them keep doing it?”

Pentland is looking forward to working with is Didi Gregorius, who is penciled in as Derek Jeter’s replacement at shortstop. Pentland watched Gregorius while he was with the Diamondbacks and liked what he saw.

“He started off very well, but just like most young hitters, they figure them out eventually,” Pentland said. “He’s an incredibly athletic player. He’s got a huge future. I’ve always thought there’s a lot in there. We’ve got to get it out.”

Let’s hope for the best.  If this works, I will give credit to the genius.


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