The Yankees held a private workout for Cuban Stud Phenom, Yoan Moncada, who many experts believe is a potential superstar.  Moncada is only 19.  Moncada is a switch hitter, who will be a second or third baseman.  He would be the Yankees’ top prospect, should they corral him.  The estimate is that Moncada will sign for between 30 to 40 million.  He must be cleared by the U.S. Treasury Dept’s Office Of Foreign Assets Control, before he signs any contract.  Now before he wet your pants, Yankees fans, Moncada has also worked out for The Red Sox, Giants, Rays, Rangers, Brewers, and Padres.  Moncada is also subject to MLB’s signing rules, since he is under 23 and has not played professionally for Cuba for 5 years.  He will eventually sign a minor league contract, unlike other Cuban prospects.  If the Yankees sign Moncada, they will be taxed for 100% of the contract.  So we shall see!


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