The CBS comedy series Mom has been on the air for just 1 1/2 seasons.  The show has addressed many serious issues, alcoholism, cancer, gambling and teen pregnancy.  Now the show has added the death of one its main characters.  In the episode “Three Smiles and A Painted Ceiling,” Kevin Pollack, who played Alvin, ex-husband of Bonnie, Allison Janey and father to Christy, Anna Faris, was about to move into a vacant apartment across from Christy and Bonnie.  While having sex with Bonnie in his new bedroom, Alvin had the big one, a heart attack and passed away.  A major scene, in dealing with her grief, Bonnie is found by Christy in a bar, about to have a drink.  Christy is about to join her, after first attempting to talk her mom “off the ledge.”

The series creator, Chuck Lorre told Janney and Farris about the plot for the episode and what would happen.  They were surprised and wondered if Kevin Pollack who played Alvin got another part.  They enjoyed acting with Pollack.  The charcter Alvin, brought a lot to the show.  Lorree felt that the characters were getting to comfortable, so he blew it up.  The show is about two women battling what life throws at them.  It is rumored that Alvin will reappear in different ways.

Bonnie (Allison Janney) and Christy (Anna Faris) in 'Mom'


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