Why are there photos of Lou Costello with a Gorilla and McHale’s Navy.  Well I will tell you why.  The Yankees are returning to WPIX in NY.  Still what does that have to do with this article?  Growing up Yankees’ games were televised on WPIX, before MSG otr The YES Network.  WPIX is famous for showing maybe three minutes of the end of The Abbot and Costello Show, where Abbott believed that Costello was eaten by an Ape.  WPIX were also too cheap to televise a double header.  So after the first game, they had to show McHale’s Navy Joins The Air Force.

Now WPIX will televise 20 Yankee games on their network.  The network signed a multiyear deal that will show Yankees games.  Don’t worry about double headers, there are none.  The Yankees were shown on WPIX from 1951 through 1998. Annioucees from Mel Allen to Red Barber to Bobby Murcer did Yankees games on WPIX.  The Mets will also air on WIX.  Their deal runs through 2017.


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