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There will be a lot of stories about “Mr. Cub” Ernie Banks.  A Hall Of Famer, an ambassador of Baseball, 500 lifetime homeruns, “Let’s Play Two.”  Here is my story.  Before Baseball autographs became outrageous, I decided to have the poster on the upper left signed by all of the players on the poster.  The first poster I purchased was a smaller version of this poster, then a larger version and finally the poster on the upper right.  I met Ernie Banks three times.  On each occasion, there was none of Ernie having a “bad day.”  Ernie went out of his way for the fans.  He took his time signing, so you got a perfect signature.  He smoozed with the fans.  On one occasion took some time to share some popcorn with a fan.  I told Ernie that he was my favorite, meaning of the players signing.  Her stuck out his hand and we shook hands.  What a true gentlemen.  He loved the game of Baseball and played the game it was supposed to be played.  When I heard that Ernie dies, I was truly sad.  What a great loss.  He will truly be missed.  They don’t make many like Ernie.  EDB


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