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Since his return from Baseball purgatory, A-Roid has been on a role.  First working with Baroid Bonds on conditioning.  Now Cheat-Rod took a trip to visit Baseball Commissioner elect, Rob Manfred.  The commissioner’s favorite band,

untitled Manfred Mann.  That’s another story.  A-Roid went to MLB’s midtown offices as a signal of good will.  Slime-boy went for the visit without any body guards, lawyers, hit men or drug dealers.  Slime-Rod’s intentions was only good will according to sources.  Are you sure it wasn’t  to

untitled kiss Manfred’s ass or to

untitled cry about how The Yankees are mistreating poor Ster-Rod.  Last time A-Roid was in the building, he stormed out when A_roid’s team was nto allow to put Bud Doofus Selig on the stand.  A-Roid looked at Manfred an shouted a

untitled at Manfred.

Now SA-Roid probably

untitled asked for forgiveness.

A-Roid has been a good boy, accepting his one year banishment.  Now the fun begins, until Slime-Roid commits his next

images2ULK29J6.    He jus cannot help himself.


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