Boggs is known for eating the white meat chicken everyday during the season.  Boggs is known for

untitled  many superstitions.

The  obsessive compulsive nature of this  Hall of Famer  went far beyond. The 12-time All Star attributed much of his success to a daily routine and refused to alter his habits. These everyday customs including eating chicken before each game (earning him the nickname “Chicken Man”), always taking batting practice at 5:17 and running sprints at 7:17 and drawing the word “Chai” (Hebrew for “life”) in the dirt before coming up to bat. Boggs’ undying allegiance to his superstitions helped lead him to one of the finest pro baseball careers of all time.

For his many accomplishments in Baseball.  But little know of  Boggs brew drinking prowess.  It is alleged that Boggs once drank 64 beers on a flight, as a Red Sock.  Boggs claims that he downed 107 beers in one day.

There is another story regarding Boggs.  A reporter sat with Boggs on a plane.  Boggs was playing for The Tampa Rays at the time.  A flight attendant brought Boggs a case of beer and he placed it under his seat.  He managed to finish the case on the flight.  Boggs claimed that beer did not effect him.



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