Clint’s Eastwood’s film “Sniper” is top at the box office, but not top in Fprmer Governer, Navy Seal and Wrestler, Jesse Ventura’s heart.  Ventura won a 1.8 million suit against the state of Chris Kyle, the protagonist in the film.  To Ventura, Kyle is no hero.  Ventura said “a hero must have honor.”  According to Ventura,   Kyle is a liar and has no honor.

Ventura states that the film is propaganda because it gives the viewer the idea that Iraq

was involved in the 9-11 attacks.   Ventura calls the film “as authentic as Dirty Harry.”  Ventura testified that Kyle stated that he punched out a man in California who needed to lose some teeth, who has been identified as Ventura.  Jessie said this never happened.    Ventura seems to have a very good insight into the workings of government, cover ups and the truth.  I listened to him at a book signing.  Jessie is a lot more than the wrestling character and the characters he portrayed in movies.


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