What to do with imagesKEVLH9S0 Cheat-Rod, Slime-Rod, A-Roid?  If you read this blog, you know all the names I call him by now.  What is Joltin’ Joe going to do with Slime-Boy (oh no, a new name.)  To quote Joe ” he said “It’s only fair to see where he’s at physically.  We have to take our time and make an evaluation. It’s to early too tell because he has not played in a year and a half.”

Bla! Bla! Bla!  Translation, The Yankees hope this piece of dreck falls flat on his face.  Girardi plans to use Choke-Rod (I am getting in all my names,) as a DH and test him at third in Spring Training.  Then Girardi will ponder the 1st base A-Slime experiment.  If you know The Yankees, then you know that their Spring Trainind experiments are lip service.  They never come to pass.  But if Slime-Rod and Crybaby Texierra both play 1st, then the two Yankees I hate the most will be at the same position.  Cherish the thought!

Girardi believes he has a solid relationship with Slim-Rod.  This is until A-Roid pulls his usual crap.  Did he not tell his lawyers that he could not play without PEDs?

So Girardi can shovel us all the shit he wants.  We all know that Crap-Rod is D-O-N-E!!!!!!


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