Scott Baker, Cole Figueroa, Nick Noonan, Johnathan Galvez, Juan Graterol (sounds like an antacid,) and Eddy Rodriguez are invited to Tampa this Spring.  Don’t waste your time, thay are all


But hold on!

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(6) untitled

Who are these guys?  Let me tell you.  These are the Yankees prospects.  This is not one of my sarcastic rants.  These are guys are true prospects.  (1). Rob Refsynder, outfielder, converted to second base.  Refsynder hit on every level of The Yankees system.  He is to be given a chance to win the second base job.  (2).  Jose Pirela, also a second baseman.  Pirela can play all over the infield.  he came up in September and actually hit for the Yankees.  (3). AaRon Judge.  Judge 6-7, 230 lbs and a magnetic personality.  Judge, 22, is rated as the 23 overall prospect in Baseball.  Judge has enormous power.  However, prospects are for Judge to play as high as AA Trenton.  He is a few years away.  (4). Greg Bird, 22 is a left handed hitter with some power.  He plays first, but is not considered a good fielder.  He played some at AA Trenton last year and if he develops, he could make it to AAA Scranton.  (5) Luis Severino Severino is 6 feet and 195 lbs, at age 20.  Severino has a great arm and had pitched at AA Trenton.  The Yankees project that Severino could help the big club, half way through 2015.  Severino would have to compete at theAAA level and do well to have a chance.  (6). Jacob Lindgren, at 21, is a left-handed reliever.  The Genius must have heard me.  He is stocking up on left handed relievers.  Lindgren pitched in AA Trenton.  The Yankees have spoken about Lindgren, coming fast.  He also will have to prosper at Trenton, to be given a chance with The Yankees.  This is what Clueless Hal, Pudgy Randy Levine and The Yankees lack of Brain Trust are selling to Yankees fans.  For now, fans will have to deal with the lack of stick, age and an iffy, starting staff.  However, it will interesting to see some fresh Yankees prospects.


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