Everyone who reads this blog, knows of the total admiration I have for the job Cashman is doing.  Yeah sure!  Cashman from Uncasville, Mohegan Sun, is once again giving his time for charity, a good thing.  Besides mentioning to Pope Francesca that regarding any major moves for the Yankees, “The Heavy lifting is over!”  The Genius also placed CC Sabathia and Mr. Clutch, Mark Texiera fit into the a category and he has confidence, that both will bounce back from injuries.  My category that they both fit into is the “what can The Genius say?”  CC, has not cartilage in his right knee and his lost a lot off his fastball and if Mr. Stiff, I mean Texiera’s batting average dips any more, the Yankees will have an under .2000 hitter.  The Genius expects Texiera to be a “pleasant surprise” and that is why I call him the genius.  What would lead anyone to believe that, Texierera……256-.248-.251-.216, the past four seasons, will be any better.  Cashman reasons that Texiera is a year removed from wrist surgery.  Yes Genius, he is also five years removed from a decent batting average.  The Genius also bla bla bla bla-ed about other nonsense, including Moncada, which he won’t comment on.


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