From the book “Pursuit Of pennants,” by authors Armour and Levitt, the top 25 GM’s of all time are listed.  The Yankees used to winning pennants had a few, as George Weiss became the Yankees’ GM in 1947.  Weiss served as Yankees GM from 1947 through 1960.  At that time, Weiss was dismissed because of the Yankees’ belief that he was too old for the job.  Under Weiss The Yankees won 10 out 0f 13 pennants.  (Has this happened under Genius Cashman?)

Weiss understood the need for a strong Baseball organization and hired intelligent men under him.  The front office was included in “all” of Weiss’s decisions.  Weiss ran successful Minor League systems, when in 1932, The Yankees hired him to run their weak farm system in 1932.  Weiss was able to stock The Yankees Farm System, because of their wealth.  Too bad The Yankees can’t bring Weiss back to life.  Even with The Amateur Draft, he would probably out do Genius Cashman.



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