As promised in a previous post, G& G, guests and gore.  Appearances by The Governor, Bob, Beth and Lizzie and Mika.  Tyrese, Chad Coleman as an epiphany, after being bitten by Noah’s brother.  untitled.  The viewer is pulled along.  Tyrese is done, he was bitten not once , but twice.  Regarding Herschel, he was saved because the part of the leg containing the bite was removed.  But it took so long to get to Tyrese.  Yet they got the arm off, but no luck.  We say farewell to Tyrese.  The bits and pieces shown at the beginning of this episode, were tied together.  The blood dripping on the photo and the burial. It was not for Beth, but for Tyrese.

Machonne spoke about traveling to Washington.  Rick finally agreed to the idea.  Time will tell.


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