Hi fans, your old buddy Nick Johnson, here to help bring you up to date on Yankees players rehabbing from injuries.  This is something that I know best.

(1) untitled Andrew Bailey, resigned to a Minor League contract with an invite to Yankees Camp in Tampa, appears rto be healthy.

(2)  untitled  Slade Heathcott, has been resigned to a minor league contract.  Heath. like me, has struggled with all types of injuries, knees, specifically.  Slade is optimistic.  However, the Yankees wonder how much and how often Heathcott will get to play.  Nick” he’s my kind of guy.

Sabathia says his knee feels good.  Tanaka’s elbow feels fine.  Beltran,s elbow after removal of bone spur.  Beltran says that his range of motion has returned.  Tex, Wussy-Man Mark Texierra, rehabbed during the Winter and there are no reports on his health.  Wussy man did state that his wrist would never be the same.  That a boy, Mr. Clutch!Junior, Breet Gardner, had “core surgery” regarding an abdominal Injury strain


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