New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles  images

The Yankees sat down with Lie-Rod and played their role in the “look-good” scenario, at Cheat-Roid’s request.  Allegedly at a fine restaurant.  Did Slime-boy pay the bill?  It was Stiff-Rod’s attempt to apologize for several years of bad behavior.

untitled to you guys


untitled  The Yankees top guys met with Slime-Roid.

The Yankees statement: today we held a meeting at Yankees Stadium (I guess the restaurant info was incorrect,) between Hal Steinbrennr, Brian CASHMAN, rAndy Levine and Jim Sharp.  Who’s Jim Sharp?  Alex initiated the meeting and apologized to the organization for his actions over the past several years.  There was a frank and honest discussion and the next step is Spring training.

Now, the kind of info you get from this blog.  What you wanted to hear.  I got this from a


Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball: Sign up and join a league today!Hal: Randy check that the lying bastard is off the premises.

Randy: That lying, cheating sack of shit is gone, Hal.

Hal:  I say my prayers every night that Stiff-Rod flops on his face in Spring training andf is forced to retire.

Genius Cashman:  I hate to say I told you so, but I warned you when you renewed his contract, Hal.

Hal: How man times, Cash?

Randy: It is only a matter of time before he goes back onto PED’s.  Let’s hope it is in Spring training.

Jim Sharp” Why am I here?


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