untitled  I just wanted to share some of the views of callers concerning A-Roid’s return to the Yankees.

1.  Alex Rodriguez is:

imagesHTZ1VDJ0  NOT A CRIMINAL.  He used illegal drugs and consorted with criminals.

2. I expect Alex Rodriguez to make The Yankees interesting and help them offensively.

His last at bat was on 9/25/13  where he went 0-3 and batted .244 for the season.

3.  I cannot boo Alex because of the 2009 World Series.

In 2009, Rodriguez went 5-20 with 1 HR and 6 RBI’s.  If you remember correctly, it was Matsui and Damon who were the best hitters for the Yankees.

Matsui went 8-13 with 3 Hrs and 8 RBI’s

Damon went 8-22 with 4 RBI’s.  EDB


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