In an interview, Brian McCann spoke about it being quiet before the storm.  McCann will be reporting to Tampa for Pitchers and Catchers shortly.  He says he is  happy with the situation and the Yankees bosses.  He calls being a Yankee the best decision he’s made.  McCann got off to a poor start as a Yankee, which lots of free agents do when first coming to The Bronx.  McCann spoke to Terry Pendleton, his hitting coach with the Brave’s, regarding Pendleton’s statement that McCann is not a NY guy.  McCann calls the statement out of left field.  McCann, needless to say, did not like what Pendleton had to say.  McCann does not make excuses.  He had an off year batting just .239 with The Yankees.  Although, McCann seemed more comfortable at the plate in the second half of the 2014 season.  McCann led the Yankees with 23 Homers in 2014.  McCann now knows what to expect and what is expected of him.  Sop, we shall see.  At least we are not hearing the negative statements, like those by Texiera.


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