untitled (Refsynder at Arizona State)


Just whom is this guy Rob Refsynder, who the Yankees have somewhat sold fans on?  Refsynder was born in Korea.  Refsynder and is sister were adopted by parents with German and Irish backgrounds.

Refsynder is reported to be a gifted hitter.  He has risen through the Yankees Farm System, at a rapid pace.  Refsynder hit .297 this past season at Scranton Wilksberre, and had 508 total bases at AAA.

Refsynder was selected in the fifth round by The Yankees in 2012, from Arizona State University

untitled  Refsynder visited the hall Of Fame in 2003 with his dad.

The Yankees drafted Refsynder as an outfielder.  They have moved him to second base, where they hope his defense will improve enough to help the Yankees.  Remember, The Yankees resigned Stephen Drew to play second base.  Brian Cashman said that Refsynder will be given the chance to play second base out of Sopring Training.  If this is a true Yankees’ Youth Movement, then having Refsynder playing in The Bronx, would be a big step.


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