untitled  Paula Sassi, certified master graphologist  was asked to analyze Loser-Rod’s handwriting.  She analyzed Slime-Rod’s letter to Yankee fans and here are her findings.

“He writes like a girl,” Sassi said. “Feminine writing is more rounded, with a lot of connections, which he has throughout this. And a right slant. Masculine writing tends to be more angled, straight up and down, maybe printed.”


“The capital ‘I’s’—that’s where you see the personal ego,” she said. “This is probably what gets him into trouble. He has a very strong-willed, independent ego. They’re so large, and printed. That’s the kind of capital ‘I’ where you say they’re very independent, and strong-willed.”


Indeed, that capital “I” is the most egotistical and selfish looking capital “I” we’ve ever seen. It’s as if A-Rod is subconsciously separating it from everything else, all the while thinking he’s above and beyond all that will be written after.

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“In the second line, when he writes ‘mistakes,’ it’s interesting what occurs in that word, it has a cover on the ‘a,’ and it also happens in the fourth line, when he writes the word ‘situation,’ and both have to do with what happened,” Sassi said. “Which is being very protective of personal information.

Those are called “covering strokes,” according to Stassi, who was really just getting warmed up at this point. We’re spare most of the details and jump right to the end, where she concludes with this gem.

“In his signature itself, where he writes ‘Alex,’ the circle around it, we call that a ‘magic circle of protection.’ So he’s covering his tush. You see it a lot in signatures,” she said.



The following well respected Psychologists, agree:

untitled Dr Gumbar Luckowicz

untitled  Dr.Marvis T. Frickz

imagesWSIZGUI0 Dr. Saselia Wombat


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