Did you read the headline?  I would hold the biggest celebration, if this happened.  Buster Olney, a fine Baseball writer, said that if Roidriguez is a zero (in performance, we know as a person, he’s a zero,) and the Yankees traded him, it would noty syrprise him.

So here are the scenarios…….

(1). The Yankees are paying Slime-Boy anyhow, so why not toss him.

(2). Power is in demand.  David Cone, Mister “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow,”

believes that Stiff-Rod could hit between 15 and 20 homers.  I think not!

(3). Cheat-Rod is a train-wreck, waiting to happen.

(4).  A-Roid is will get himself in some kind of trouble.  You watch!


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