I have posted and posted regarding the comments regarding Baseball…too slow…boring…not enough action… You win!  So wehat can we do to make the sport more interesting?

images    untitled

imagesW4IQFWAH  untitled  Baseball teams should hand out the latest androids

imagesCNG3N3P0  to all fans.

imagesL7T6MH9P Ball teams should give out prizes for the best wave to a friend, while blocking other’s views.

untitled  imagesA6025YAU

The best “SELFIE” should be awarded a prize.

untitled The best nachos at the game, should be awarded a prize.  Exotic cheeses and holding one’s nachos up to block other’s views, should count for extra points.

untitled  untitled

The best drunk at a game should win a prize.

imagesVQIH0LXJ  Standing up and blocking others views, should be acknowledged.

imagesW4IQFWAH imagesKYYNO8BX Cursing at a ballgame should be recognized and applauded. Flipping the bird should be welcomed.

royals fan shots double bird lasers with sound effects - fans flipping the bird gifs


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