Mark Texiera arrived in Yankee camp, Wednesday, declaring himself a changed man.


Texiera has dumped the

untitled muffins and has added untitled  and  a untitled smoothie to his menu.

But wait (not a commercial,) I was lead to believe that Markie was going to change his plate habits.  His solution to shifts is to hit more doubles and homers.  Haven’t we heard this before?  What is the solution to you constantly grounding into the shift and popping up?  Mr. Clutch once again stated that other teams want him to hit the other way.  Yes clueless, you hit .216.  That was

untitled  Hey clueless

images if third base is left open, hit a ground ball down that way.  You are not going to tell me that you cannot do that.  It will be an automatic double and eventually teams will shift back.  Instead, you would rather hit .216 or less!  That is why you are a stiff!


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