untitled  untitled

It was all smiles, a soft spoken voice and lots of laughs today, as Cheating Fraud-Rod spoke to the press in Tampa.  “Slime-Boy repeated several times. “anything Joe wants me to do.  He A-Roid, what happens if he want you to

images clean toilets?  Jerk-Rod in response to repairing his relationship with Big Slop, David Ortiz.  Loser-Rod answered, David’s my friend.  These guys are perfect for each other, two liars.  On Mark Texiera, “he’s on a gluten free diet.”  When asked about 20 and 100, Choke-Rod asked, “me?”    He was more comfortable when he realized (if this was not an act,) it was about his buddy, Mr. Clutch, Mark Texiera.  “Oh that’s a good goal for TX xiera, for me that’s a little much.”  Just another day with this scheming

untitled.  EDB


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