The  duffus X 2, that extended slime-Rod.

Hal Steinbrenner replied wow when he was asked if the Yankees’ ownership has turned cheap.  Good act Hal!  Maybe you are just clueless and just do not give a shit.  Hal’s answer was that the Yankees payroll is 235 mil.  I will cut you some slack.  That is not cheap, just stupid.  Any clown who rewards their GM, who has fouled up the team, deserves what they get.  Unfortunately, Yankee fans, like myself have to suffer.  Hal claims that they got the ten or eleven best prospects from The Foreign Market.  He throws out all the numbers, yet this 2015 Yankee team will be mediocre, at best.  There will be no playoffs and it will be three years in a row.  Only this time, after this season, The Yankees might not be able to buy themselves out of this mess.  Mocaya, who you penny pinched , might be the last big time prospect you can buy.  You stated that there is so far you will go.  Fine, Hal.  Where are the players that will come up and help The Yankees this season as the ship sinks?  I will answer that, the few are in double A and a few years away.  You state that Moncaya is three years away.  How do you know?  He is certainly as close as your prospects  Aaron Judge and Greg Bird. at Trenton, Hal.

Maybe, just Maybe, Severino makes it up by the end of the 2015 season, Hal.  If Refsynder is such a hot prospect and I would like to see him play; why did your Genius GM sign the great Stephen Drew?  You call yourself an optimist Hal.  I call you a fool.  I have mentioned this before, Hal.  You detest the money that players make.  Fine!  Then give us all a break and sell The Yankees.  Your father would kick your ass if he were around.  It would be horrible not to make the playoffs three years in a row, you stated.

You would be embarrassed.  Prepare yourself, Hal..  The only prospect for The Yankees not finishing last is if Tanaka can stay healthy.  Mark my words.

You did not pull the reins financially because you want to attend a parade.  Are you that much of a moron or just a bullshit artist?  There is no way in hell, this Yankee team goes to the World Series.  It is said that you were entrusted with The Yankees, Hal.  You are totally clueless.


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