Clowns keep calling up WFAN Sport’s Radio in NY and coming up with 2015 stats for Buffoon-Rod.  I personally think he will hit .357 with 55 homeruns and 127 RBI’s.  He will wear the Yankee uniform, like it has never been worn before!

untitled  images

This is what the Baseball experts had to say…

“If this was opening night for a Broadway show, there would not be a second night”

“His bat looks slow.”

“He looked behind on pitches.”

Larry Bowa’s opinion, “He was never a burner, right now he’s below average.”

When Slime-Boy was lifted for a pinch-hitter, half the fans walked out.  This is now the state of The Yankees.  A cheating sack of shit, is the main draw.  Thanks Hal!


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