untitled  Mariano Duncan is a solid citizen and was a solid player for The Yankees championship team in 1996.  Duncan values his championship rings.  He feels that it is part of his legacy.  Something  unfortunate happened to Mariano on October 22, 2014.  Duncan was having lunch at a Miami restaurant.  When he entered his car, he noticed that it had been burglarized.  Taken from his car was his 1996 Yankees World Championship ring, his 1990 Red’s World Series ring and his 1993 Phillies NL pennant ring.  Duncan thought he would never see the rings again.  A friend of Duncan noticed that his Yankee ring was up for auction through Robert Edwards, an auction house.  The ring was shipped to Arizona, where Mariano is working as a coach for The cubs.  Two Florida jewelers involved in the sale of Duncan’s other two rings, are making arrangements to get them back to him.  Duncan plans to have MLB security, investigate the crime.

untitled     untitled


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