A QUESTION…….?????

A QUESTION FOR    AND    Why are    and   on the Yankees team?  Another question, why are and on the Yankees.  One more question, why is   batting fourth and why is   given the ball?  Something confuses me, why is a .207 hitter batting cleanup for the Yankees.  Oh, why isn’t  this guy in the minors?  Something is still gnawing at  me, why is this guy the cleanup hitter against lefties?  Why is this guy   in the Yankees bullpen?  I am still not satisfied, why is this guy even on the Yankees Roster?  Oh Yes, whys is this guy   in a Yankee Uniform?  I will speak for Yankees fans, Jones and Chamberlain suck, stink, are awful, eat shit, are not giving the team their best chance to win, cause agita, are an insult to Yankees fans, belong in the toilet, are a joke, are disgraceful, are not earning their salary, Watching them makes  us .  They cannot do their jobs to respectability, they cannot perform,  get rid of them.  .  EDB