images Ira from Staten Island, a rabid Jets fan, who attends all 16 games, both home and away, traveled to beautiful Buffalo to watch his awful Jets lose to the awful. Bills.  Ira called in to the “Jet’s Fifth Quarter Show,” as he always does.  He said that he is going to let this game go.  Perhaps, masochist should be substituted for rabid.  Don LaGreca of ESPN Radio hosts the show along with former Jet Greg Buttle.  LaGreca could not believe Ira was at the game.  Ira mentioned that his flight was cancelled and he was stuck in Buffalo.  Either LaGreca or Buttle should have called the Jets and Ira could have flown on the Jet’s plane.  It is the least they can do for their biggest suffering fan.  Another fan called the show and said he hopes to see a championship, before he dies.  That’s a “pipe dream.”  EdB