This is not a slump.  This is what this team is.  I have never seen a team swing and miss as much as this team.  This chump promised to make any changes to help the Yankees win.  I did  not see that this year. The Yankees did not go at and get a big bat.  They  stuck with Andruw Jones and Russell Martin and this is not acceptable.

I see a team chasing the second place team.  Right now we are getting the Yankees excuses Joe Girardi, “It is hard to judge individual’s at bats.  I don’t see them trying to do too much.”  We are getting Joe’s goofy laugh.  “There will be low points and high points, we have to find a way to get out of this rut we are in.”  “The guys efforts are great.”  Really Joe, your players cannot (1). identify pitches, (2) put their bats on the ball, (3). move runners over (4). bring them in.  I cannot except this bullshit anymore.  This team has been dysfunctional since they lost to Detroit last year in the playoffs and maybe before.   This has not changed and the Yankees will not admit it.  The Yankees did nothing to fix what was wrong.  In the off season, they will have a chance, because a lot has to be done.  This team is a joke.  EDB